Max Secure Affiliate Program

We appreciate the excellent performance of our affiliates by rewarding them with the lion's share, with up to 50% revenue sharing and performance bonus.

  • Dynamic web hosting, web developing companies, web site owners can partner with us to increase their revenues by promoting our products on their websites.
  • OEM - Increase the quality and offering of your computer by pre-loading or private labeling Max Secure products.
  • Internet Solution Providers - As a part of your value added promotions, Max Secure Software has a full set of privacy and security products designed to help your customers.

You can become our Affiliate in the following ways:

  1. Join Bluesnap Affiliate Program

Max Secure Channel Partner Program

Max Secure Software products provide the protection and the privacy your customers need, enhancing their PC performance and giving them peace of mind they desire. By teaming with us, you have the tools and resources that guarantee you are well equipped to support your clients Security and privacy concerns.

The Max Secure Software offers the most competitive channel partner program available. We provide up to 50% of revenue sharing for our channel partners.

For more information on becoming a Max Secure Channel Partner, Please Click Here.

Strategic Alliance

Max Secure Software establishes Strategic Alliances, with a selected number of companies to foster close business relationships. Strategic partners typically provide complementary, security business solutions that deliver value to the Max Secure brand and Max Secure products as well as to their own brand and products.

Strategic Alliances work with a dedicated Max Secure Alliance Manager to develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for the partnership. This includes working closely with our marketing and sales team to jointly drive sales to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

To contact our Strategic Alliance Manager, Click Here and fill out the form describing the business opportunity.